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Today, German is a very active tongue and translating German is one of the activities that we carry out daily at Mars Translation. This language is used both in the public arena (management, television and radio or education) and private (written press, business, production or social networks). Due to this, consider very important offer a service of translation from / to German of high quality, to meet the demand of information and communication in this language. To this end, we have a team of translators to/from German native qualified and efficient, carrying its task with professionalism and rigour.

The German language is an Indo-European language that belongs to the Group of the West Germanic languages. Thus, it is official language in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg or Liechtenstein. Territories, the distribution of speakers located in Germany as the main core of use, followed by Austria and Switzerland.

In particular, for 100 million people is their mother tongue, although 128 million use it as a second or third language and the total number of speakers is estimated at some 166 million.

The expansion of the German gets also through Internet, Germany being the country with more access to the network in the world. We cannot forget that this country is the economic leader of the European Union and that the German is becoming a key language for business and the labour market. With this, the tourism German is one of the more important, to the be considered leading to level world.

For all these reasons, the German is widely studied as a foreign language. Indeed, it is estimated that he teaches in schools around 119 States in which this language is not official, such as China, Brazil or the India.

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The German is currently a very active language and German translations are one of the activities carried out every day with us in Mars Translation are. This language is used in the public sector (Administration, television and radio, or education) as well as in the private sector (press, shops, production or social networks). Therefore we consider it very important, a high-quality translation services from / in German/n to offer to meet the demand for information and communication in this language. For this purpose we have a team of qualified native speaker and powerful translators from / in German/n, who perform their task with professionalism and care.

German is an Indo-European language that belongs to the Group of West Germanic languages and is also the official language in Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein except in Germany. Outside of Germany, high German is the most in Austria and in Switzerland.

German is the first language of 100 million people, is for 128 million German second or third-language and overall, one assumes that 166 million people speak German.

The German language is spreading over the Internet, because Germany is the country with world's most Internet connections. In addition Germany economically occupies a leading position in the European Union, and German is becoming increasingly important in the business and work area, and not forgetting the tourism: the Germans are one of the trip-most peoples worldwide.

For these reasons there is a keen interest in learning German, and therefore this language of 119 States is available on the curriculum of public schools, as for example in China, Brazil and India.

If you translations to and from / in German/n and a good translator from / in German/n are looking for, we are happy to help you to you by Mars Translation .

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